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Melbourne's Life Drawing and Artistic Hens party Virtuoso.

Imagine a one and half to two hour session involving a hunky male model and lots of creative artists guided through a series of fun drawing tasks and games over timed poses guided by our highly cultured male or female art teachers.

Model posing and being drawn

The Man in the Charcoal Suit has created sophisticated and imaginative ways to celebrate a hens night with friends and family. Being both group orientated and loads of fun, Life Drawing is the classy alternative.

Artistic Life Drawing hens nights are elegant, hilarious and most importantly provide a comfortable setting.

A party would consist of a series of drawing tasks, few basic techniques to sooth the nerves. A much deserved break (drinks refill) for groupies, selfies and photos alike then into the fun stuff... Games, where everyone comes back together to laugh and enjoy to close the evening.

  • Tasks include:
  • Drawing without looking at the paper.
  • Drawing with your left hand.
  • Drawing without lifting the charcoal off the paper.
  • Having Fun!
Mum and Daughter having fun together

From the very first drawing, you'll see everyone connecting and laughing at the cheeky creations your bride-to-be will remember forever...

Better yet you can choose our venue or yours in Melbourne or Victoria wide.

A gift-box displayed

Combine all this with a Man in the Charcoal Suit Gift-box and you will ensure an extremely funny and memorable event for your future bride.

    Each Gift-box contains:

  • * A Personally Embroidered Apron
    Available in Pink or Blue or upgradeable to Black and Silver
  • * Laser engraved Champagne flute
  • * Matching Art board
  • * A letter containing a personalised message to the future bride
  • * All wrapped up with a ribbon in an elegant clear box

What is Life Drawing?

Life Drawing is a century old artistic practise, where apprentice artists learn the pleasures of illustrating the male human body. Also called Figure drawing, the creative artist's request the model to take a series of poses to hold while the drawing commences. Sometimes cheeky, some times dramatic but always a piece of art.

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